One Step Rehab is a residential addiction treatment center located in beautiful Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Our world-class management team has more than 15 years experience in running South East Asia’s most successful mental health and addiction rehabilitation programs. With our groundbreaking ‘back to basics’ approach to recovery from drug and alcohol addictions, we give you the best chance of achieving long-term sobriety at an affordable price.


Our One Step to Recovery™ program combines western style psychological treatment and expertise, with first class Thai hospitality from our holistic team of masseurs, yoga, meditation, and fitness staff.


We have a dedicated detox facility at The Warmth for clients who are experiencing serious drug dependency issues. Our detoxes are overseen by Dr. Kanok Uttawichai, a board certified addiction physician with 15 years of experience in conducting medically assisted detoxification procedures for addicted people, both Thais, and foreigners. Dr. Kanok built The Warmth’s detox site in 2018 with the vision of providing a comfortable, rural space, dedicated to the medical portion of drug treatment.

Addiction nutraceuticals for medical and health benefits


Addiction is a behavioral illness which often leads to significant depletion of vital vitamins and minerals within the body. One Step’s Addiction Nutraceutical Therapy program is designed to promote biochemical recovery to restore the balance within the brain and body. This is done by both dietary supplementation, and where necessary, IV infusion.


At One Step Rehab we accelerate your recovery with a nutrition regimen focused on fresh and healthy Thai food from locally sourced ingredients. We can also cater for vegetarians and those on high protein/low carb diets. Our nutrition experts work hand in hand with our PT staff to ensure that your physical recovery matches your psychological journey back to health.

Khao Pad Gung with chili and lime served on banana leaf
man rides bike at mae rim rehab center


One Step Rehab Thailand is ideally situated in the village of Mae Rim, just north of Chiang Mai. Our treatment center is in close proximity to Northern Thailand’s most stunning scenery and attractions. Whether its trekking, temple tours, mountain biking, waterfalls or Muay Thai boxing, we have plenty to keep you occupied. Sunday is sober fun day at One Step Rehab, when clients can let their hair down and learn how to have fun clean and sober, and collect some precious lifelong memories along the way.


One Step Thailand’s vision is to offer high quality effective addiction treatment for a fraction of the cost in the West. With our qualified and experienced western staff, we can deliver the same treatment you would get in the west but at a quarter of the price. Why pay more, when you can experience the healing environment of Thailand and all it has to offer, for little more than the price of a holiday.


According to project MATCH the biggest clinical trial of psychotherapies for addiction treatment ever undertaken, psychotherapeutic treatment for addiction can be approached using 3 equally effective therapies;

12-step facilitation therapy (TSF)

TSF is based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous but adapted for an formal setting like a rehab. Its main aim is to familiarise the client with the support networks of 12 step fellowships before they return to their home community.

CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy)

CBT is based on social learning theory and concentrates on exploring new ways of thinking and behaving which reduce the severity of unmanageable feelings.

MET (motivational enhancement therapy)

MET (sometimes known as MI, or Motivational Interviewing) is based on meeting the client ‘where they’re at’ and ‘rolling with the resistance’ that addicted people often have when it comes to giving up their drug of choice. This is normal, and skilled therapists should be able to ‘invite’ and ‘motivate’ addicted people into a recovery lifestyle rather than ‘forcing it’.


Our founders and lead clinicians have overseen the treatment of more than 5000 people, with some of the highest success rates in the industry. Don’t trust your recovery, or that of a loved one to inexperienced treatment professionals or centers with no pedigree.


Many addiction treatment centers offer mindfulness meditation and other trendy modalities but here at One Step we use a recovery specific system of holistic therapy designed specifically for people with addiction issues. Clients can pick one or more of the following modalities;

Yoga Nidra and Breathwork

Not a physical form of yoga but more of a guided form of meditation which enables our clients to enter a state of deep relaxation by calming down the sympathetic nervous system (the bodies fight-flight system) and upregulating the parasympathetic nervous system (the bodies rest-digest system). We also use an adaptation of the famous Wim Hof breathing method to teach clients how to overcome stress and anxiety. We also have regular yoga classes for all levels to improve flexibility, posture, and general well-being.

Muay Thai training session

Muay Thai

Thai boxing as it is more commonly known, is a fun way to get into shape. One Step Rehab Thailand has unique access to state of the art local facilities where Thai trainers who are experienced at working with foreign rehab clients will teach you how to hit pads and do bag-work and other fun elements of this ancient art. Our founders were the pioneers of this using this unique Thai sport for improving outcomes in people receiving treatment for addiction.

Strength Training

One Step clients have access to our strength training program for all levels and age groups. Weightlifting is evidence based to stimulate fat loss, improve neural function, reduce injury from other physical activity, and improve longevity.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”

Are you ready to begin your journey?