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Recovery Zones Handbook

Combining CBT, 12 Steps and Mindfulness as an Integrative Approach to Addiction Treatment

Treatment Modules

Module 1 – How Change Happens

Understanding The Stages of Change in Addiction & Recovery

Module 2 – Am I An Addict?

ASQ: The Addiction Screening Questionnaire

Module 3 – The Neurobiology of Addiction

For Beginners

Module 4 – Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences

Attachment Theory and How It May Influence Addiction Later in Life

Module 5 – What is Trauma?

The Difference Between PTSD and Other Types of Traumatic Stress

Module 6 – Mind Map (Part 1)


Module 7 – Mind Map (Part 2)


Module 8 – CBT

Challenging the Thought Distortions & Negative Core Beliefs of Addiction

Module 9 – Mindfulness

Dealing With Triggers, Cravings & Urges

Module 10 – Three Circles

Creating A Recovery Plan