Addiction is a disease that hurts the whole family. At One Step Rehab, we understand that addiction affects everyone around the individual in treatment. For this reason, we feel it is important to educate and offer support to families and loved ones before, during, and after one of our treatment programs in Thailand.

Decades of combined experience has shown us that family involvement significantly improves the chances of long term sobriety, and allows recovery after extended periods of using and abusing substances, causing damage to relationships as a direct result of addictive behaviors.

Family involvement can simply involve feedback on how families have been affected by addiction, followed by education, and help with planning for the future. Regular family workshops are offered onsite at One Step Rehab, with experienced Family Addiction Therapists as part of our clinical program, with personalised online family counselling and support for those unable to travel to our rehab center in Thailand.

Getting Someone You Love to Our Rehab in Thailand

Traveling alone to rehab in Thailand can be daunting. Addicts can suffer physical symptoms like cravings, withdrawals, or panic attacks. They can also struggle with emotional issues such as anxiety, fear, or need additional support to ensure sobriety is maintained.

Fortunately, One Step Rehab is easily accessible via Chiang Mai international airport where a team member will be waiting at the arrival gate for all incoming clients to reduce the potential for stressful situations in an unknown land.

Our staff can also arrange for travel assistance by an experienced professional who can accompany someone to treatment. Our hand-picked team can safely and compassionately facilitate a client’s journey to rehab. For more information on our Travel Support Services, please visit here.

Family with young daughter walk bamboo path in village