One Step Thailand and our Clinical Director have attracted global media interest. Alastair Mordey is a well-known speaker and writer on addiction issues who regularly features on the international conference circuit and in the press.


Finding Peace In Paradise – An Insight Into Asia’s Luxury Rehab Centers

One Step is proud to claim the most comprehensive fitness facilities of any rehab in Thailand, and their methods being different from the rest. This is emphasized by their dopamine diet, offering a nutrition designed to support athletes.

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Simon Patterson’s New Dawn: Embracing Sobriety and a Renewed Focus on Music

His heartfelt post began with a message of gratitude towards One Step, the rehab facility in Thailand that he credits with saving his life. In his words, Patterson found himself in a “very dark place,” losing hope and running out of options before his time at One Step.

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One Step Rehab in Thailand Leads the Way in Boosting Dopamine for Addiction Recovery

One Step Rehab in Thailand is combining the dopamine diet with an intensive fitness program to achieve industry-leading recovery rates.

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One Step Rehab Offers Hope in the Face of Worldwide Addiction Crisis with High Quality and Affordable Residential Treatment Services

The international addiction rehab center in Thailand has seen a rise in global inquiries due to its tranquil setting, attractive pricing, and expert level of care.

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One Step Rehab offers an all-inclusive resort experience, including exciting excursions

One Step Rehab, a residential addiction treatment center in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, is one such center that has seen an uptick in inquiries from clients from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

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How the ‘trauma’ cult took over mental health

If the politicization of psychology is not successfully challenged, the consequences will be grave

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How ‘trauma’ was hijacked by activists, creating generation of victims

The redefinition of trauma is motivated by politics, dressed up as medical diagnosis. Social justice activists are diluting the meaning of the word ‘trauma’ to serve their political agendas, argues addictions professional Alastair Mordey. logo

The exorbitant cost of quitting ice

It seems too shocking to be true. A drug addict pleading for help told he wasn’t bad enough to get into rehab. This is why we can’t quit ice.

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Rising numbers of professionals turn to alcohol abuse

Experts call for action as statistics show an alarming rise in professionals turning to alcohol to deal with the everyday stress.

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Alarm at growing addiction problems among professionals

Urgent action needed to tackle problems suffered by doctors, lawyers and people in other high-profile jobs, say healthcare experts.

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Should you drink in front of your children?

Sharing a few glasses of wine with your husband on a Saturday night may not sound like negligent parenting but, according to new research, even moderate drinking can upset your children.

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Is Thailand’s second war on drugs destined for failure?

Attempting to reduce the supply and availability of illegal drugs should not be the sole focus dictating political policy.

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Alcohol in the workplace

There is a silent mass of professionals who are functioning… but they are in workplaces where you really wouldn’t want them to be.

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Shannan Taylor Overdose Highlights the Link Between Boxing and Addiction

The critical condition of World Middleweight Boxing Champion, Shannan Taylor, from a suspected drug overdose, highlights the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse within the sport of boxing.

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Healing by the art of 8 limbs

In my view there are two states of being that are likely to bring about addictive behaviors in young adults; too much stress … and not enough stress.

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The real cause of addiction – A reply to the Huffington Post

The symptoms of this illness (or the actual causes of addiction) involve an inability to feel reward, pleasure, purpose or meaning in the way that ‘ordinary’ people do.

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Is Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Steps Really Irrational and Unscientific

12 Step programs have been denounced as unscientific and irrational but this is based in a lack of understanding.

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Are we misusing ‘trauma’ in relation to mental health?

Has the word ‘trauma’ lost its meaning? As the topic of mental health continues to gain prevalence, so too, is what can inflict injury upon our minds. Does that necessarily mean that everything negative we experience is inherently ‘traumatic’?