We understand that residential treatment for addiction is not the end of your recovery journey, but more like the beginning of a new life free from addiction. The most risky time for any addicted person post-treatment is when they return home. According to The National Institute On Drug Abuse, relapse rates for drug abuse and other addictions are similar to relapse rates for any other chronic medical illness.

To this end we know that engaging with high quality aftercare significantly increases your chances of staying clean and sober. It is important that you are able to stay in touch with your peers and counselors from rehab which is why we offer free aftercare groups across all major time zones.

Stay in Recovery with One Step Rehab Thailand

In our quest to offer the best possible chance of lifelong recovery, One Step Rehab is proud to offer our standard aftercare program to all clients – which we view as crucial extra support to help maintain recovery during the initial months after treatment when the chance of relapse is highest.

In the aftercare groups you will focus on putting the tools you learnt in rehab into practice in your home community. Having that combination of familiar faces and familiar tools will ground you over those vital first few weeks.

Face-to-face or Online Counseling

One Step Rehab also has a global network of partners that deliver aftercare services from skilled and experienced therapists in your area. Due to our decades long presence in the field, we have extensive networks and there are many counselors who have worked for us who now operate outpatient practices in cities such as Sydney, London, and Los Angeles.

These clinicians have trained in our methods and with your permission we can handover a discharge report to them to continue working with you in person. If you wish to see a therapist in-person in your local area please enquire with us pre-treatment to explore possibilities for your continuum of care within our therapy network.

Woman in London talks with counselor in Thailand online