We understand that residential treatment is not the end of your recovery journey, but more like the beginning of a new life free from addiction. To this end we know that engaging with high quality aftercare significantly increases your chances of staying clean and sober.

Stay in Recovery with One Step Aftercare

In our quest to offer the best possible chance of lifelong recovery, One Step Rehab is proud to offer our standard aftercare program to all clients – which we view as crucial extra support to help maintain recovery during the initial months after treatment when the chance of relapse is highest.

Face to Face or Online Counseling

One Step Rehab has a global network of partners that deliver aftercare services from skilled and experienced therapists in your area. With your permission, we can pass on an end of treatment report to your local counselor for a seamless transition from residential treatment. For your convenience, we can also connect you with a skilled online counselor when needed.