It can be daunting for some people to travel alone to rehab when faced with the physical symptoms and the emotional burdens of early stage withdrawal. While there will always be a staff member waiting at the arrival gate for all incoming clients, the stresses of international travel can create challenges that are beyond our control.

In some cases, it might be appropriate for a close friend or family member to accompany a client to treatment at One Step, but sometimes the client would be best assisted and transported to and from rehab by an experienced professional.

At One Step Rehab, our hand-picked Travel Support Team are committed to and passionate about safely and compassionately facilitating a client’s journey to our rehab center in Thailand, with understanding and empathy, and continual reassurance during the journey to rehab.

Our team includes professionals with 20+ years experience trained in all aspects of domestic and international travel and transportation, with supplementary clinical training relative to mental health issues and addictions.

One Step’s Travel Support Team:

  • are qualified in first-aid
  • can effectively respond to emergency situations
  • possess high-level liaison skills and experience in communicating with airline staff, customs, immigration etc.
  • have extensive experience in Motivational Interviewing, and de-escalation techniques
  • have training and experience in Southeast Asian and Pacific countries with an emphasis on cultural sensitivity
Woman accompanied on flight by travel companion to Thai rehab clinic