One Step Rehab is located in the mountainous province of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Our addiction treatment center is blessed with a tranquil and scenic setting, where you can leave behind your daily stresses and completely focus on addiction recovery.

We understand that you might only get one chance at residential rehab, so we are 100% committed to delivering results. Our highly-effective One Step to Recovery™ program leaves nothing to chance, by combining a holistic treatment experience, combining talk therapy and body-based therapies, we provide the best opportunity to achieve lifelong recovery.

Experience has taught our addiction experts that truly personalised treatment can not be effectively delivered when client numbers are too high. For this reason, we keep our client numbers low – a maximum of 16 at any time – and our staff-to-client ratio high. This means we can offer the most customised program of recovery, that can be shaped to fit you as a unique individual.

At One Step Rehab, we offer:

A pioneering treatment program – Our unique treatment program for addiction and mental health incorporates the most reputable evidence-based treatment models, alongside new and exciting therapies in the addiction treatment space. Your own personal counselor will support you throughout treatment, developing a plan, and adjusting the program over time to help ensure you continue to enjoy your life in recovery.

Unmatched clinical expertise – One Step Rehab’s founder has unmatched experience and is credited as a founder of The Cabin Addiction Services Group, which became a global player in addiction treatment, with operations in five countries. The team at One Step are comprised of the most experienced and qualified professionals in the addiction treatment industry. Our hard-working, multi-national team is small, but dedicated to our clients’ successful recovery.

Thai rehab residents watch head counselor discuss 12 steps treatment program

Exceptional location in Chiang Mai – Our treatment center offers serenity, away from the hustle and bustle of life in Chiang Mai city. Tranquil countryside surrounds our center, with rice paddies and Thailand’s well-renowned hospitality creating a safe and friendly welcome to visitors.

Nutritious tiger prawn and broccoli stir fry

Healthy diet and nutrition – We want to accelerate the brain’s recovery from addiction whenever possible and assist in restoring dopamine levels to reduce the possibility of triggering a relapse. Increasing natural production of the brain’s ‘feel good’ chemical acts to assist addicts who are newly clean, yet craving the artificial boost that their addiction or substance of choice used to provide.

A nutritious diet based entirely on healthy and delicious food gives our clients a critical edge in managing cravings during withdrawal and the detoxification process.

Daily activities – From an early morning mindfulness walk through the local village, yoga at sunrise, cycling on quiet local roads, or just a few lengths in the pool before breakfast, the One Step to Recovery program embraces the uniquely calming properties of Chiang Mai, to help you develop an inner serenity.

Weekend excursions – Our weekly excursions make the most of our peaceful location in Mae Rim, where our addiction treatment center is within close proximity to numerous national parks and tourist attractions. Options include safaris to view wild elephants, jungle hiking, cooking classes, temple tours and adrenalin boosting pursuits for more adventurous guests.

Drug rehab staff member enjoys paddle board on lake

Mindfulness and guided meditation – we believe mindfulness and meditation to be core components of our One Step to Recovery program. By learning to quiet our busy minds and concentrate on the present moment, we gain a calming sense of serenity.

Research shows that mindfulness practices can be very effective in addiction treatment, giving recovering addicts a way to deal with cravings and triggers that could cause relapse and return to addictive behaviors. Our Thai meditation coaches will teach you all they know about managing your emotional states with meditation practices which you can then take home with you

Fitness therapy – It is well known that exercise has numerous benefits to health. Our trained fitness professionals will design a program that fits your current fitness level and desired goals. Outdoor therapy at One Step Rehab is designed to lift mood and decrease pain sensitivity through the release of endorphins in the brain.

You can also expect increased energy and confidence, resulting in a fitter, stronger body and mind. The program of fitness at One Step Rehab includes trail hiking, Thai boxing, yoga, cycling, running, weight training, and more.

Inpatient addiction treatment residents exercise together at One Step fitness center

Affordable feesOne Step Rehab offer an intensive and innovative, results oriented program unlike anything else available in Thailand or Asia. As part of our continued commitment to truly personalised treatment, with client-centerd care, our fees represent exceptional value for money. You simply won’t find comparable high quality treatment at this cost anywhere else in the world.

Bright and spacious room at One Step addiction treatment center in Thailand

Private and spacious guest rooms – We think it’s important that you feel at home during your stay with us at One Step Rehab. Our housekeeping team are always available to make your stay comfortable and provide the very best of Thailand’s legendary hospitality. All our guest rooms are private and well equipped, with en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning, personal fridge, and all the amenities you would expect to find at a luxury resort. Housekeeping service, laundry, and unlimited complimentary drinking water is provided daily.

Aftercare and continued support – One Step is committed to your sobriety and long-term recovery. As part of our One Step to Recovery program, all clients are eligible for aftercare support from our clinical team and global partners. This crucial support is intended to help maintain recovery during the first few weeks and months after completing residential treatment – the most important time to provide support when the chance of relapse is highest.

While our online aftercare support is not included in the price of residential treatment, prices are kept rock bottom and are much more affordable than in-person therapy would be in your local community. Plus you get to continue rehab at home by working with the peers and counselors who were part of your treatment.

Airport pick-up – We will meet you on arrival at Chiang Mai international airport, or another prearranged location. Our staff will transport you in a private vehicle to One Step Rehab Center, so you can relax in the knowledge you will be in safe hands from the moment you disembark and arrive in Thailand.

The One Step admissions process is convenient and straightforward. Call or email the team now for a no-obligation, no-pressure chat with one of our friendly admissions specialists, who can explain the treatment options we have for you or your loved one.