One Step Rehab is set to transform addiction treatment in Thailand by putting the client firmly back at the heart of recovery.

Addiction treatment at One Step Rehab is designed to equip clients with the ‘mental toolkit’ to prosper without alcohol or drugs, and to truly thrive on completion of our program, to lead a productive and fulfilling life. As a small and independent treatment center, we do not believe in a ‘production line’ approach that some larger rehabs adopt. We are small and we will stay this way so our team can provide the most individualized care with successful long-term recovery.

We are proud to offer cutting edge techniques to beat addictive behaviors, with our unique program that includes fitness bootcamp, nutritious meals, individual and group counseling all included in the cost.

Our team’s core focus is to make One Step Rehab the best value rehab center in Thailand. Our location in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai is the perfect backdrop for clients to enjoy morning walks, sunrise yoga, outdoor adventures, or simply sit back and enjoy the calming presence of the surrounding paddy fields.

While we certainly take advantage of our calming location and nearby national parks to provide a unique range of outdoor activities, our clinical program and medical supervision always comes first. One Step Rehab is staffed with behavioral health and addiction treatment experts, who combine evidenced-based treatment models with integrative and somatic therapies for a truly holistic treatment experience.

One Step is not just another rehab in Thailand, and you are not just another client needing help for addictive behaviors.

We invite you to take some time to explore our website to discover more about our groundbreaking program, or call us directly for more information on our program and treatment philosophies.



One Step Rehab Team