Questions and Fears About Going to Rehab

It is normal to be apprehensive about attending a rehab in Thailand. Here are some of the common questions that we’re asked.

Will I have a my own private room?


Yes. Unlike some other affordable rehabs in Thailand, all our guest rooms and villas are private with king sized bed and ensuite bathroom.

Will someone pick me up from Chiang Mai airport?


Yes. You will be greeted at the terminal of the airport by a member of staff from One Step Rehab who will make your journey to our center as stress free as possible. You can then relax as you are transported to our facility by private vehicle.

Do I need a visa to stay in Thailand?


Most nationalities get a free 30-day visa exemption on arrival. This can be extended for a further 30 days once you are in Thailand. Passport holders from most countries are also eligible to apply for a visa prior to leaving your home country. We can advise you on visas and you can also contact the Thai Embassy in your country of residence prior to arrival.

Should I buy travel insurance?


We strongly advise you to buy travel insurance before coming to Thailand. Whilst it is unlikely there will be any kind of issue in Thailand, accidents can happen and being prepared makes sense when outside your home country. There are currently no insurance requirements for COVID-19 medical care.

Can I keep my phone/tablet/laptop?


We understand that people want to keep connected with internet access, but to ensure our clients get maximum benefit from the treatment program at One Step, we restrict internet and phone use to minimize distractions. You can keep your tablet and laptop to use inside your room where you will have wifi access in the evenings. Phones may be used with approval by the clinical team.

Our Treatment Center

How do I get there?


Most countries have direct flights to Bangkok. At Bangkok you have a quick layover of one or two hours before jumping on a one hour flight to Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai airport (CNX) is very accessible from Bangkok. There are hourly flights round the clock and the layover at Bangkok is therefore very short.

Will the rehab be full of weirdos?


No more than any other realm of life. Addicted people are no different to anyone else. At our rehab center in Chiang Mai we have all sorts of people from all walks of life; teachers, lawyers, parents, athletes, office workers, tradesmen, businessmen, young adults struggling to find themselves – and everything in-between.

Can my family visit me at One Step Rehab?


Family involvement in treatment has been shown to improve recovery rates, so your loved ones are encouraged to be part of your recovery process. Our optional Family Program can be attended by family members, where they can learn about how best to support you after treatment. You can receive visitors if approval is granted by a lead counselor, however, we believe it’s best to minimise visits so you can concentrate on your treatment.

Can I smoke?


Yes. We have a designated smoking area at the center. Smoking is not permitted in rooms.

Treatment Program

Will it work for me?


That depends on how hard you work. What we find is that people who give it a good effort usually stay sober. But even for those who don’t there are often many improvements in their mental and emotional health. We will give you the tools to stay sober, ongoing support when you leave, and a detailed discharge plan. Many people say that the money they spent on coming to our rehab was the wisest investment they ever made.

Will it be religious?


No. While we do have some optional 12 step meetings (such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous), we don’t force anyone to go and no-one is going to ram God or religion down your throat.

I’m not very fit, do I have to take part in the outdoor activities?


We believe that outdoor and fitness therapy is an important element of our program that helps you achieve the best treatment outcomes. Activities and excursions provided as part of our residential program cater to all fitness levels, with your current fitness level taken into consideration along with any mobility issues or injuries that you may have sustained.

Will I be bored?


This is very unlikely. Our day has a certain rhythm to it. In the morning you will be doing group therapy and group physical training. In the afternoon you will be doing one to one counseling or massage. There is time to kick back in the afternoon, but you will need it because you will be tired. So that’s the time to chill by the pool or do your assignment work. In the evenings there are more groups (including holistic therapies) and then you are free until lights out. The weekends are more about getting out into the community and seeing the local area, so you will have plenty to see and do.

Will I end up coming home early?


Very unlikely. We have 97% completion rate. Everyone is nervous when they first arrive. But that soon changes and most people feel very at home by the end of the first week. By the time you leave you will feel like you have made a brand new family. Connections that you will probably keep for the rest of your life.

Will people find out that I’ve been to rehab?


Not unless you tell them. This is the big advantage of doing rehab in Thailand. In many western cities, it is possible that you could be spotted coming and going from many city center addiction clinics. Everyone knows where they are and your anonymity is potentially compromised if you get spotted. Our center is far removed from your daily life. When you return you can even tell people that you’ve been on holiday in Thailand, at a fitness boot camp, or learning Muay Thai.

Cost of Treatment

Can I afford it?


It is difficult to see how you could get quality treatment for less anywhere in the world. We feel confident in stating that we are probably the best value for money rehab anywhere globally. Of course, government funded treatment centers might be an option in your country of residence.

What’s included in the cost of treatment?


The cost of treatment at One Step Rehab Thailand covers everything you need whilst undergoing residential treatment with us in Chiang Mai. You should bring some money for personal expenses, or for additions to the standard program if requested.


Included in the fee:

  • All one-on-one and group counseling sessions
  • Therapeutic activities including personal trainer, yoga, meditation instruction, therapeutic massage, and outdoor activities.
  • Private en-suite accommodation
  • Nutritious food – breakfast, lunch, dinner, water, soft drinks
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Fitness program
  • Access to all onsite facilities including gym, tennis, badminton, swimming pool etc.
  • Weekly excursions
  • Airport transfers


Not included in the fee:

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses – cigarettes, souvenirs, snacks etc.
  • Medically supervised detox at our partner clinic (if needed)
  • Visa extension fees at immigration office (if needed)
  • Optional family program and intensive aftercare program

Are there any hidden costs?


No. The only things that are not included are visa extensions and treatment for unforeseen medical issues. If you need a hospital stay for detoxification from opioids, alcohol, or benzodiazepines, we can arrange this with our partner agency, at a small extra cost. Likewise, aftercare is charged extra. In order to deliver quality aftercare, and keep our residential treatment at rock bottom rates, we charge a small fee for online aftercare groups.