An Action-packed Day of Muay Thai Training at One Step Rehab Thailand

We had a great day of Muay Thai and fitness training as part of our comprehensive treatment program. Muay Thai boxing (also known as the art of eight limbs) utilizes fist, elbows, knees, and lower legs to deliver blows. Of course our clients do not have to spar (fight) when they are on the treatment program! Training is non-contact (with the exception of some light ‘touch’ sparring if you wish).

Light ‘touch’ sparring at Thailand rehab center in Chiang Mai

Think You Can Handle It?

Our trainers will coach you by holding ‘pads’ as moving targets, and help you to develop balance and poise. This is extremely useful for physical and neurological recovery. You will also jump rope (skip) and hit heavy bags, which is a really great cardio workout. It is helpful to learn control (pulling punches) when doing bagwork, and also to learn how to pace yourself.

Bagwork with trainer at One Step Rehab in Thailand

All of these are useful, transferable skills to learn in recovery, and life in general. Most of all the feeling that you will get from Muay Thai training is one of camaraderie, as everyone trains together; as well as the feeling of being part of an ancient authentic tradition, which stretches back hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

Muay Thai boxing ring
Pads and gloves at One Step Rehab fitness training center